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Air Conditioners

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Weather you have just purchased an air conditioner from your local electrical store and need it installed or the office air conditioning unit is making a terrible sound and turns off every 10 minutes, we can help you.

Air Conditioners need regular maintenance and filters need cleaning, the bigger the unit the more important regular inspections and adjustments become.

Don't wait until a 40 degree day to find out your system is not up to the job. Contact our office today and book your system in for a checkup.
Don't forget to ask about our cost effective preventative maintenance program.

With electricity prices continually on the rise, older air conditioning units using outdated technology can become expensive. Modern units using enhanced technology are more efficient, quieter and more cost effective moving forward.

We can supply and install an air conditioning unit to meet your needs.

You will find our extensive SHOWROOM at:
Unit 3, 18 Acacia Avenue, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

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